03 Feb

An Owner’s Manual to Picking the Right Used Car

autotrekRocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union has partnered with AutoTrek to help first time car buyers. AutoTrek is an auto broker who works with you to find the car you want and helps you negotiate a price that works for your budget. AutoTrek carries an on-site inventory of 100 vehicles on average and has access to 40,000+ additional vehicles with their franchised dealer partners. As for new cars, AutoTrek represents 300,000 plus credit union members we are treated as a large “fleet buyer” and receive the lowest pricing available.

For members purchasing their first car, you’ll receive $100 cash back when you borrow up to $10,000 or $150 cash back when you borrow up to $15,000. On top of this, AutoTrek and RMLEFCU are offering a $100 gas card. With gas prices as low as $1.40 a gallon in the metro area, you can put plenty of miles on that new or “new to you” vehicle.

Get pre-approved by RMLEFCU and then call (303) 934-5600 to connect with AutoTrek’s experienced team.

Here are a few best practices before you make things official with the car, truck or SUV of your dreams.

  1. Take a test drive on both highway and city streets. Hitting the city streets will showcase how the car handles turns and bumps. On the highway, you’ll be able to see how fast it can accelerate and whether you notice any road noise. If you drive up any kind of incline (Lookout Mountain, anyone) you can quickly see whether it handles hills the way you were hoping.


  1. Look over the exterior with a fine tooth comb. If there has been repair work, how well was it done? Its always a good idea to check out the Car Fax. With an eye to the future, maybe those scratches and nicks are not important to you, but consider what happens when you try to resell the car to a dealer or private party.

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10 Nov

Christmas Comes Early This Year!

car blogpic

Dr. John, esteemed blues musician once sang, “I been in the right place But it must have been the wrong time.”

What if we told you that NOW, and NOT the holidays, is the right time to buy a car and RMLEFCU is the right place to finance it.

After all, two rights make a good decision. You can quote us on that but we don’t expect any songwriters to use it in their lyrics.

Forget the obnoxious car commercials with yellow Labrador puppies and big red satin bows on top of luxury cars, you need a car that performs well, doesn’t break the bank, and gets you where you need to go safely without frequent mechanical issues. Whether your future car has an overwhelming new car smell and double digits on the odometer, or is “new to you,” RMLEFCU is standing by ready to offer some of the most attractive car loans in the Denver metro area.

We offer auto loan rates starting as low as 1.99% APR* with up to 36 months to repay.

Our little “blue” bow is that you have no payments for 90 days when you purchase October 1–December 31, 2015. When you finance with us before the end of the year, we will also give you a $50 gas card as a thank you. Have you seen how cheap gas is lately? We crunched the numbers and if your car averages around 25 miles per gallon, you could travel 225 miles. That’s a lot of trips to the store, Home Depot, the nearby park for practice. Do you know what kind of new or “new to you” car is right for you? We found a great quiz with only 8 questions to help you decide. There’s nothing scientific about it since most of what goes into our car purchases involves emotions. If the thought of your car has you, or your mechanic, wincing, it’s time to talk to a RMLEFCU representative.

Just like with buying a home, why not get pre-approved before you even set foot in the dealerships lot? Also check the Credit Union Direct Connect (CUDC) website.  Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union partners with over 300 dealerships in Colorado to make the buying experience even easier. Select a dealer and tell them you are a member of RMLEFCU and they can process all the loan paperwork for you on the spot!




11 Sep

4 Health Benefits of Taking a Road Trip

A year ago gas prices in the Denver area hovered around $3.59. Due to domestic oil production ramping up and global thirst for oil petering off, gas prices have dropped to $2.60 a gallon, give or take a few cents. If you have a few vacation days you need to use before the end of the year, may we suggest a good ol’ American road trip? We’ve rounded up the top 4 reasons that doing so may have both mental and physical rewards.

  • Easier to go tech free

According to an April 2015 Gallup poll conducted on 4,475 adult U.S. workers, almost 50 percent of workers who frequently use work email outside of normal working hours reported feeling stressed “a lot of the day,” as compared with around a third of those who don’t check work email after-hours.

Most airports, and even some planes, have Wi-Fi. As much as you’d like to unplug, the outside world can still reach you on your smartphone. But when you’re cruising in your car on your way to Wall Drug in South Dakota, your only thought will be, “Why haven’t I done this before?” instead of the obligations waiting for you back in Colorado.

  • Feel better when you head back to work

We all need a break in our routine. It’s healthy and helps us press the reset button. There is a caveat though. Most of the happiness you’ll get from vacation depends upon the stress level of the vacation. Why not just get behind the wheel and avoid the ever shrinking tray tables and chatterboxes on the plane? Let’s face it, plane travel has been the opposite of glamorous for decades but the open road hasn’t lost its allure.

  • Save money

 Saving money makes us happy. Who hasn’t bragged about saving a few bucks when their friend paid full price for something. It’s easy to save money when you take the road by the wheel since  gas is cheaper and there are no extra charges for checked or carry-on bags!

  • Even planning a vacation has health benefits

A recent study, published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, showed that the largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation. In the study, the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks.

What if your car’s heyday has gone and went? If you are in the market for a new or used car, RMLEFCU has car loans that can help you trade in that jalopy.

As a member of Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union you enjoy:

Don’t forget that our employees can review whether it makes sense to refinance your current vehicle to potentially lower your rate. We’re family after all, looking out for you, even when you don’t ask.




06 May

RMLEFCU Makes Car Buying Hassle Free

Quiz: What are seven little letters that could save you a lot of hassles at a car dealership?

Answer: R-M-L-E-F-C-U.

hassle free car buying at RMLEFCUWhen you sit down at the car dealership, you mean business. Before you pick up that pen and begin any paperwork, remember that RMLEFCU has already done a lot of work to make sure you’re not going to have a case of car buyer’s remorse.

We have partnered with 300 dealerships in the Denver area to offer you competitive rates with Direct Connect. www.getacreditunionloan.com

Just mention that you are a member of Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union. The dealership will complete the loan paperwork and offer the same competitive rates as RMLEFCU.

Need some info? Check out our auto resource center.  Read More

03 Feb

3 Years vs. 5 Years: How Long Should Your Auto Loan Be?

Choosing an auto loan for your new car is a big decision. It can affect your monthly finances, your credit, and your ability to sell the car down the line.

The most common auto loans are 3-year loans and 5-year loans. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each:

3 year vs 5 year auto loan rocky mountain law enforcement federal credit union3-Year Auto Loan

Benefit: These loans are less expensive overall. They are less risky for the lender, so they carry a lower interest rate. If you anticipate having very solid income for the next three years, a 36-month plan will save you money over the course of the loan. It will also allow you to pay off your car faster, meaning you can resell it sooner. That is a significant benefit, since cars depreciate quickly.

Drawback: 3-year plans come with a higher monthly cost. This can eat into your monthly budget. Even if you can afford it now, if your financial future is uncertain—if you know you’ll be looking for a job in six months, for instance—you may not want a 3-year loan. These expensive monthly payments leave you less discretionary income to handle life’s uncertainties, whether it’s unemployment or unexpected medical bills. You cannot eliminate these uncertainties, but if you anticipate having them, a high monthly payment might not be your best option. Read More

22 Jan

Car Buying Tips: Getting a Fair Price on a Quality Car

car buying tips auto loan rmlefcu colorado So you’ve made the decision to buy a new car! Now it’s time to start the process of looking for and purchasing the right vehicle. It is, most definitely, a process, but with these hot tips from RMLEFCU you’ll be sure to get your car at the best price.

Research online:

This is probably the best car-buying tip we have. From the comfort of your own couch, you have access to millions of customer reviews, professional reviews, videos, photos, price ranges, etc. You can find out anything there is to know about a car except for perhaps, what it actually feels like to be in that car. You can even go so far as to purchase your car online, but we don’t suggest that. Check out our auto resource center powered by Autotrek for help in finding your perfect fit.

Get preapproved for a car loan

This is key in a few different ways. First of all, financing through the dealership will only allow them to squeeze that much more money out of you through “financing deals” and “special interest”. Having the money ready from a different source cuts their negotiating power and adds to yours. Second, getting a preapproved loan allows you to shop around, in no hurry, for the best deals. While most dealerships won’t go below 4% interest, a lot of credit unions, like RMLEFCU will often go as low as 1.99% APR*. That’s practically free money! During February, 2015 we are sweetening our already great rate by offering no payments for 90 days! Read More