27 Oct

What is a Holiday Loan SlideBy and How Does it Work?

RMLEFCU Holiday SlideByAre you dashing through the dough during the holiday season? Do you want to show-up Santa this year and be the star of the gift-giving season? Or do you just want to treat yourself to that night out you deserve, blow off some steam and deal with the shopping tomorrow? Maybe you need to skip a payment and put that money to better use this year! With RMLEFCU’s exclusive Holiday Loan SlideBy, you can skip loan payments in November or December and keep some extra funds on hand when you really need them. The holidays can be rough, let us help you carry some of the load.

How it works:

Complete the coupon below, which includes your agreement to pay a small $25 processing fee for each loan payment skipped, and return it to the Credit Union. Once approved, you have the privilege of skipping either your November or December payment and using that extra money for holiday cheer or maybe just a well deserved beer! Most consumer loans qualify (sorry no lines of credit, VISA or mortgage loans!)* and the coupon must be received by RMLEFCU no later than October 31, 2015, for a November SlideBy, or November 30, 2015, for a December SlideBy. So Put the fruitcake down and hit the mall for the gifts they’ve been asking for! Tell Santa and the reindeer to stay up north this year, you’ve got it covered.

Holiday Slideby

*This offer does not include lines of credit, VISA, first mortgages, or second mortages. Must be current on loan(s), must have made a first payment, no delinquencies in the last 12 months. All individuals who signed for the original loan must sign the form. Credit Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Warranty, Debt Protection, or GAP coverage will only cover the original term of contract. Interest will accrue on the unpaid balance during the month you skip your payment(s), and when payment(s) resume, the unpaid interest will be collected first.* I also understand that signing this form does not necessarily mean I automatically qualify. * Please contact the loan department for more details and qualification requirements 303-458-6660.

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