05 Nov

RMLEFCUpic Photo Contest 2018

RMLEFCUpic Contest

We have many members with great photography skills and we want you to show them off! This month we will be running our annual RMLEFCUpic photo contest with the theme of “Why I Love Colorado”. Enter your photo and it could be featured on our social media platforms and in our branches! The top 3 photos with the most likes on social media will receive the grand prize of a Fujifilm Instax polaroid camera!

How to Participate:

  1. Take a picture that describes why you love Colorado! It can be artsy, meaningful, funny or anything in between!
  2. Post your photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag @RMLEFCU to be entered to win!
  3. Get all your friends and family to like your picture on social media for your best chance of winning!

We can’t wait to see all of the great pictures you come up with! Get snapping!  📸

16 Oct

Skate by Your Expenses with our Holiday Loan SlideBy!

Holiday Loan SlideBy

With RMLEFCU’s Holiday Loan SlideBy, you can skip loan payments in November or December—and free up some cash for seasonal gift-giving. Complete the coupon below—which includes your agreement to pay a $25 processing fee for each loan payment skipped—and return it to an RMLEFCU branch. Most consumer loans qualify (sorry, no lines of credit, VISA or mortgage loans*). Once approved, you have the freedom of skipping either your November or December payment—so you can use that additional dough for some additional Ho Ho Ho!

Deadline for November loans is October 31st and December loans is November 30th, so don’t delay!

Have any questions? Give us a call at (303) 458-6660 or use our live chat feature online!Holiday Loan SlideBy



*This offer does not include lines of credit, VISA, first mortgages, or second mortgages. Must be current on loan(s), must have made a first payment, no delinquencies in the last 12 months.  All individuals who signed for the original loan must sign the form.  Credit Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Warranty, Debt Protection, or GAP coverage will only cover the original term of contract. Interest will accrue on the unpaid balance during the month you skip your payment(s), and when payment(s) resume, the unpaid interest will be collected first. * I also understand that signing this form does not necessarily mean I automatically qualify. * Please contact the loan department for more details and qualification requirements 303-458-6660.

09 Oct

Introducing the RMLEFCU Law Enforcement Support Sticker

RMLEFCU supports local law enforcement

We are proud to introduce the RMLEFCU Law Enforcement Support Sticker. By purchasing a sticker, you show your support for local law enforcement AND benefit local charities!

Talk about a win-win!

Stickers can be purchased for $1 at any RMLEFCU branch and profits from the sales will be divided between the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation and the Denver Police Foundation.

Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation

The Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation is a nonprofit organization made up of Colorado law enforcement officers and civilian personnel who serve in a voluntary capacity. They assist and provide support to agencies and families of fallen officers in order to allow them to honor and grieve their loss. They assist with funeral planning to whatever extent the family and agency desire and work as a much-needed support system in a time of need.

Denver Police Foundation

The Denver Police Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Denver Police Department by providing funds and equipment for important programs that would otherwise not be possible through the regular City budget. They work to raise funds that support a variety of initiatives in the Denver community including:

  • Broadening Community Outreach
  • Promoting Officer and Community Safety
  • Advancing Innovative Technology and Training
  • Increasing Awareness of and Recognize Departmental Service

Help us spread support for our local law enforcement heroes and show your community pride to the whole town! Just ask your teller at any RMLEFCU branch for the Law Enforcement Support Sticker!

19 Sep

Why Can You Only Do 6 Transfers a Month?

reg d

Why “Reg D” puts a limit on your savings account, and what you can do to get around it.


Savings accounts are perfect for stashing your cash. But you may have run into the issue of only being able to transfer money from one a maximum of six times per month. Why is this? We’ll go over why you’re limited and how you can get around it.

Regulation D

You are limited to six transfers per month from a savings account as a result of Regulation D — commonly known as “Reg D”. Reg D is a Federal Reserve Board rule that helps ensure that financial institutions like RMLEFCU have a proper amount of reserves on hand. A useful side effect, of course, is that savings accounts function as they are intended: to save money, not spend it.

When Are You Limited?

The six-transfer limit (and a potential penalty) falls under certain scenarios and depends on the type of transaction being conducted. The following transactions count toward the six-transfer limit:

  • Online transfers between accounts at RMLEFCU or other institutions
  • Transfers processed over the phone
  • Automatic transfers, such as bill payments
  • Overdraft transfers from savings to checking
  • Transfers made by check or debit card

Some transfers don’t count toward the limit of six, such as those made at ATMs, made in person at the teller window, or withdrawals made by phone where the check is mailed to you.

How to Get Around Them

The Reg D rules don’t really have to be much of an impediment on your savings account, and there are simple ways to get around them. For instance, a checking account won’t put limits on usage, and can make a lot more sense for making bill payments or keeping cash on hand. You can also make transfers count by doing fewer of them with larger sums of money as opposed to small, frequent ones.

If you do reach your six transactions, keep in mind you can skirt the Reg D limit (and any resultant fees) by heading for the ATM — or a RMLEFCU teller window. Your money is your money, and we’ll help you keep it at hand.

11 Sep

How a Personal Loan Can Work for You!

personal loan

At RMLEFCU, we take pride in offering our members various products and services that they not only want and need but will help make their lives a bit easier. That being said, one of the most versatile and popular loans that we offer is our personal loan. It is easy to obtain and can be used for a variety of different things. Need some inspiration? Here are a few great ways an RMLEFCU personal loan can be used!

Job Equipment

We know getting new job equipment can take a toll on your wallet. That’s why we recommend using the personal loan as an equipment loan to cover costs of gear and work expenses. The competitive rates and variety of repayment terms available make it an easy way to fund up-front expenses, worry free!

Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can be a costly up-front expense. Using a personal loan to cover all or some of the costs of home improvements or renovations can lessen the initial blow to your bank account and gives you the flexibility for lower monthly payments. Now doesn’t that new kitchen sound more realistic?

Higher Education

At RMLEFCU, we want you to follow your dreams and want to help get you there however we can! Our personal loan is the perfect way to fund the steep costs of higher education and pay them off slowly and on your terms. Loan amounts are available up to $10,000 and you have the flexibility to decide which repayment term is best for you.

& Many More

The RMLEFCU personal loan knows no limits! Whether an unexpected event occurred, or your personal project needs funding, we’re here to help. We offer competitive rates and attentive friendly service from start to finish. Contact a loan specialist at (303) 458-6660 or apply directly online!

06 Sep

2018 Biscuit Bus Challenge: Law Enforcement Supporting Non-Profits

2018 Biscuit Bus Challenge

The most anticipated RMLEFCU promotion of the year is back!

This year, RMLEFCU is giving the Biscuit Bus to a department/district who gives back to the non-profit community.

Have one in mind? Tell us about it!

Here’s how it works. By September 30th, either:

Go to the RMLEFCU Facebook post and tell us which department/district you nominate and what non-profit they support in the comments.


Make your own post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @RMLEFCU with your nomination. Be sure to use the hashtag #2018BiscuitBusChallenge on all posts!

Your insight could earn the department or district a visit from the Biscuit Bus and the non-profit a donation, courtesy of RMLEFCU! Happy nominating!



*This contest is only valid for Colorado law enforcement departments whose employees are eligible for RMLEFCU membership. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook. RMLEFCU has the right to refuse entries. Contest rules and prizes are subject to change without notice. If your department location is not in range of the Biscuit Bus or Fat Sully’s, an alternative meal option will be issued.