21 Mar

2014 Kids Account Coloring Contest!

kids coloring contest RMLEFCU We want all our RMLEFCU kids to start saving for the things they want and we want to know what they’re saving up for! So, for the months of April and May 2014, your own little saver can enter his or her drawing into our Kids Account contest.

Have your kids get their crayons or colored pencils out and draw us a picture of what they want to save up for. We’ll post them around the RMLEFCU offices this spring. And then our panel of judges will choose their three favorites!

Each winner receives a $100 award, which will be deposited straight into their Kids Savings Account!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Draw, Draw, Draw! Just imagine what you might be saving for!
  2. After the picture is complete, enter the information below and submit it to a RMLEFCU branch office.
  3. Entrants do not need an active RMLEFCU Kids Savings Account to qualify!  But if you open one now, we’ll chip in with an initial $5 deposit, as well as a great little piggy bank!

Contest begins April 1, 2014, and ends May 31, 2014.

Opening a bank account for a child is a great way to teach them about saving and encourages a lifetime of financial responsibility. Having a place to store birthday cash and chore money will help teach them to save up for those things they really want. We hope that this contest will help get the ball rolling so all our RMLEFCU kids can get a head start for a lifetime of saving.

Feel free to download and print the contest application below! Once your kid has completed their drawing, drop it off at any RMLEFCU branch to be entered.


Check out some of the submissions so far!


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