27 May

5 Affordable Vacations Under $2,500!

most-interestingNotable journalist Earl Wilson once remarked, “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”

No one needs to tell you to take a vacation. However, RMLEFCU wants to make it easier with our new travel loans. You can borrow up to $2,500 with rates as low as 5.95 APR*%. When you return, don’t fret about paying it all back right away. We have flexible repayment options of up to 12 months.

RMLEFCU Vacation Loans

So you have the desire, the money and the time off, it’s time to plan. Before you find yourself in a vortex of travel websites, clicking away at calendars, trying to find the perfect window of dates, check out these 5 Affordable vacations for you and a companion.

*All trips are for 5 days and 4 nights and were priced in early July 2015.

1) Close to Home: Salida, Colorado.

First stop: gas station. Get snacks and gas. Total cost: $60

Enjoy Local Activities: A Full Day of Rafting the Arkansas River will run you $98 per person. Rafting Trip

Go fly fishing for half a day. For one person the cost is $250.00 – Fly Fish

You’ve saved on airfare, so why not get the nice digs? Stay right on the Arkansas River in a new condo. Go with a VRBO to avoid high taxes and to ensure privacy and enjoy a kitchen to cook if you needed to. Accomodations

At $225 night, your grand total is $900.

If you allot $60-$80 a day for food for you and your guest, this will set you back $320.

Grand Total: $1,726. Read More

20 May

Financial Advice for Younger Adults

financial advice for younger adultsRMLEFCU employees were informally surveyed and asked, “If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at 21, what kind of financial advice would you give?”

In no particular order, here are 6 top responses:

  • If your employer has a retirement plan, you had better contribute. If they don’t, open an IRA. Unless you are planning on checking out early or not having any children or loved ones you leave behind, you will want to start saving as soon as you move your belongings out of your college dorm.
  • Cash or Debit Cards Only. Speaking of college, chances are you don’t have the income to offset any high interest credit card debt you may have been enticed to rack up. I know it’s tempting, but if you can’t get by on a debit card or cash, you probably don’t need it. P.S. That’s great that they were giving out those mini footballs/Frisbees/t-shirts and you needed/wanted/had to have one, but cut that credit card up now if you can’t afford it.
  • If you already have a credit card, remember this advice, “Do not put anything on your credit card that you can’t pay off the next month.” Look at it only as a way to afford something that you’ll have the money for in 28 days. Maybe the movie “28 Days Later” will help drive this point home since having credit card debt will be worse than a zombie chasing you. Zombies can be outrun, creditors will never stop coming after you.

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06 May

RMLEFCU Makes Car Buying Hassle Free

Quiz: What are seven little letters that could save you a lot of hassles at a car dealership?

Answer: R-M-L-E-F-C-U.

hassle free car buying at RMLEFCUWhen you sit down at the car dealership, you mean business. Before you pick up that pen and begin any paperwork, remember that RMLEFCU has already done a lot of work to make sure you’re not going to have a case of car buyer’s remorse.

We have partnered with 300 dealerships in the Denver area to offer you competitive rates with Direct Connect. www.getacreditunionloan.com

Just mention that you are a member of Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union. The dealership will complete the loan paperwork and offer the same competitive rates as RMLEFCU.

Need some info? Check out our auto resource center.  Read More