18 Aug

4 Reasons to Ditch Your Tent and Purchase an RV

If a self-proclaimed camping purist scoffs at an RV or camper it can only mean two things: 1) They have never tried it or 2) They genuinely enjoy roughing it and being uncomfortable. If it’s the latter, there’s no convincing them. They are at peace sleeping on a pad as thick as a yoga mat and it’s best to let them be.

For everyone except the most extreme mountain types, there are four main reasons that an RV/Camper is a better choice than a standard tent.

  • You will save money on hotel stays with an RV/Camper
    The average hotel stay in Durango, CO is between $100-200 a night. That is before taxes and fees for any extra guests beyond the allotted number per room, pet fees, and even fees for parking. Compare this to a single site during peak season at Durango’s Junction Creek campground that is $24 per night. If you opt to stay on the Bureau of Land Management land, you will pay $0. In a hotel without access to a kitchen, you will also spend roughly $50 per meal for a family of four. Compare this to cooking in your RV or camper where the total meal cost is significantly lower.
  • An RV/camper provides more protection from human or animal threats
    While a tent’s fabric walls can protect you from insects and snakes, they’re no match for a bear or cougar. Yes, animal attacks are rare but better to play it safe and not turn into a tasty treat or chew toy for a hungry mammal. Sometimes it’s the sound of a coyote, wolf, or unidentified animal that makes it hard to sleep. If you are inside your camper or RV, you likely won’t be bothered.
  • There’s no need to pack and unpack with an RV/Camper. Do you have a storage shed or basement full of camping gear? Between portable stoves, sleeping pads and bags, tents, and tables, there is a lot of gear that must be packed and unpacked and stored after every camping trip. If you have an RV or camper you can store what you need inside and either hook it up to your tow hitch or drive it away when it’s time to go. The more you move around your camping supplies, the more chance that you will misplace or lose them. You’re protecting your gear when you invest in an RV or camper.
  • You are more likely to ACTUALLY go camping than you would with just a tent. Additional reasons you will look forward to camping in an RV over a tent is because you’ll have a better night’s sleep on a bed than you would on a cot or sleeping pad – plus you’ll stay warmer inside an RV or camper’s walls. If your family members hesitate for any of the above reasons or complain about comfort, these roadblocks can be easily overcome with the purchase of an RV or camper.

If you’re ready to rev up an RV, RMLEFCU offers its’ members competitive rates on RV loans. Whether you are considering a motorhome, fifth-wheel camper, or teardrop, we have a variety of repayment terms available. Our application process is quick and painless and you can start online today! If you have any questions, please call us at (303) 458-6660.

14 Aug

4 Reasons Why Your College Student Needs a Credit Card

News stories and surveys show the average American is burdened by credit card debt. It may seem odd that we encourage college students to open up a credit card but hear us out. We recognize the potential pitfalls that out of control spending can have, but when used responsibly, a credit card is a steppingstone your child needs to become a credit carrying consumer.

Here are four reasons why your college student needs a credit card.

College Students Can Build Credit

With great power, or in this case, purchasing power, comes great responsibility. Making sure your child understands interest and the importance of not spending more than you have, is how they can show you, and credit agencies, that they are responsible. No credit is not nearly as bad as a credit history gone awry, but it’s not much better. It may be harder for them to secure a credit card post-college so building credit at an earlier age can ensure credit continues to be available as they enter their early 20’s.

Credit Cards Bring Increased Purchasing Power

College expenses can add up fast, especially when the price tag of a PC or laptop is concerned. A credit card from RMLEFCU will gibe your student the ability to buy the necessary technology to complete their coursework online or off. Don’t forget the laptop warranty with today’s on-the-go students. Moving laptops from place to place increase the chances of damage and even theft. For theft recovery software, click here.

There’s a Paper Trail

Credit card transactions will always see the light of day with detailed statements. There is no need to keep receipts or wonder where all of their money goes when there’s an electronic record. You and your college-age student can easily spot where the bulk of their money is being spent, so a correction can be made, if necessary. There’s also the accountability factor of a credit card statement. When your student uses cash, the pain of purchase is fleeting and occurs within moments. With a credit card, they are forced to reckon with the purchase for at least a month and be reminded of its’ utility, or lack thereof, when they see the description on their credit card statement. For a detailed explanation of the type of expenses college students should plan for, see our earlier post “How to Create a College Budget

Credit Cards Offer Assurances Cash Cannot

If you lose your credit card or it is stolen, you can call RMLEFCU and we will make sure to put a stop on all purchases. Compare this to what happens if you make all of your purchases using cash. There is no bank-backed guarantee and the chances of recovering your lost or stolen cash are slim to none.

A credit card builds the credit you will eventually need to for loan approvals for a home or car, it allows you to afford big-ticket items that you need but are otherwise unable to buy without the ability to pay it back later, we see you unanticipated car repair and credit cards offer accountability and assurances that keep us in line and protected from financial loss. For your son or daughter just starting out, RMLEFCU recommends our classic VISA credit card with no annual fee and a low APR. See all of our credit card choices here.

07 Aug

3 Staycation Ideas to Get You Excited About Summer

Staycation loan helps family buy camping gear

Oh, summer, warm weather, sunshine, the open road … or not. Among the many changes that the novel coronavirus has brought upon us, there is also the likelihood that your family has had to rethink your 2020 vacation plans. Not to worry! RMLEFCU has you covered with some fun stay-cation plans that will make you forget you were supposed to leave town at all!

Here’s how to plan a totally immersive, all-inclusive family staycation without leaving Colorado!

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

When was the last time you explored your town’s history? There’s most likely a few local museums close by, historic markers, classic restaurants, or kitschy shops you pass by every day. Visiting these hole-in-the-wall businesses is a great way to discover your new favorite restaurant or store and helps to support local businesses!

It’s not often we play tourist in our own town. You may think you know where everything is, but once you imagine you’re a guest coming from a faraway place, you’ll find some amazing places to visit and things to do! 

Take the Scenic Route

Sometimes the open road calls to us but it’s hard to really enjoy the scenic route with the same car you drive to work every day. This is where car rentals come in handy! Renting your dream car for a day won’t cost too much and enjoying a long drive into the Colorado sunset could be your new favorite activity. If you have a specific destination, try spending a night or two! If you don’t, even better, the magic is in the journey.

Get in Touch with Nature

Now is the best time to put your camping gear to work! Pitch the tent, hang the hammock, bust out the hot dogs, roast a couple of marshmallows, and sleep under the stars. We are fortunate to be living in Colorado with plenty of exposure to the great outdoors. State and county parks, recreational trails, and green spaces in the city offer plenty of opportunities to get in a little exercise, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and see some amazing wildlife. You needn’t go very far to experience nature’s wonders. RMLEFCU is also offering a low-rate camper/RV loan to help you purchase the adventure gear of your dreams!

Staycations can be a lot of fun! What’s even better is our low rate Staycation loan is here to help you pay off some bills, purchase new equipment for your hobbies, get a head start on your home improvement projects, and even splurge a little on yourself!

A healthy and happy family staycation is what we hope for all of our members! We’d also like to remind you to observe recommended practices for social distancing whenever you leave home and keep up that frequent handwashing. Share your best staycation ideas or trips on social media and tag @RMLEFCU and #RMLEFCUStaycation to be entered into our Staycation Giveaway for Sunglass Hut gift cards!