3 Ways Zelle® Can Make Your Holiday Season Easier Than Ever

We’ve all been there. You’re out enjoying dinner with friends. At the end of your meal, your server plops down just one bill, setting off that awkward moment—who is going to pay? With Zelle®, sorting out situations like these is a breeze. Zelle® is a simple and secure way to quickly send money to friends and family, using just their email address or mobile phone number, even if they don’t bank with RMLEFCU. The holidays are a busy time not just for our schedules, but for our wallets. Read more below for some ways that using Zelle® can make for a smooth, stress-free season.

The Best Gift of All

Out of time to find the perfect present for your loved one? Procrastinators rejoice. There’s one gift that everybody loves—cash! You won’t even have to bother getting out the stamps to send a check in the mail. Zelle® is your answer for efficient gifting. With Zelle®, you can easily send money to your friend or family member in just minutes. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Event Tickets

Use those extra days off work to your advantage and get together with friends for special outings. Whether you go to watch the Nutcracker ballet or venture out to see the beautiful lights at the botanic gardens, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. No matter the event, now you can pay your friends back for your ticket right away using Zelle®.

Pet Sitters

As much as we love our pets, we can’t always take them along on our holiday vacations. If you’re planning on enlisting the help of a pet sitter while you’re out of town, Zelle® is the ideal tool to pay them for their efforts. Alternatively, your sitter can use the app to request the payment directly from you.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can use Zelle® to make your life easier. To enroll today, simply log into the RMLEFCU app and select “Send Money with Zelle®.” Next, you will be asked to enroll your mobile number or email address, and that’s it! You’re ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle®.