19 Nov

4 Ways to Transfer Money Safely

Transfer money safely Cyber crime and financial fraud exist. Unfortunately, as long as money exists, someone is going to try and steal it from you. As a financial institution, we are always trying our best to protect the interests of our members while balancing service convenience. Our recent decision to eliminate open transfers from our service offerings was a difficult one to make. But at the end of the day, our priority is the safety and security of our members and we take that very seriously.

If you are interested in transferring money, here are 4 safe options. If you need help deciding which option is best for your situation, please call (303)458-6660.

  1. Online Bill Pay – This secure service allows you to pay bills directly from your account, with no checks, envelopes, or stamps required. It’s safe and secure, available 24 hours a day, and free with your RMLEFCU checking account.* Learn more about bill pay here.
  2. Shared Branching – Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU has joined with over 5,000 other credit unions around the world in a cooperative effort to bring you a new level of financial convenience. Through the CU Service Centers Network you can perform many of your financial transactions and obtain services even when you’re far away from you home branch. You can transfer funds, make loan payments, and make withdrawals at any shared branch! Learn more about shared branching here.
  3. Check-by-Phone – Check-by-phone is a faster way to send checks between accounts. The money is deposited in a faster and safer way than delivering or mailing a check and is much more convenient. Call (303)458-6660 to learn more about check-by-phone.
  4. Wire Transfers – Wire Transfers are a safe way to transfer money domestically or internationally. There is no fee for members concerning an incoming wire transfer and immediate credit is given once the CU receives the funds. There is a fee required for outgoing wire transfers. Specific instructions and a signed Funds Transfer Agreement are also needed. Learn more about wire transfers here.

Depending on your particular circumstance some of these options may work better for you than others. We may even have a better option that wasn’t listed here! Please feel free to call the credit union and speak to one of our helpful staff members to figure out the best way for you to transfer money safely and efficiently. (303)458-6660 or 1-800-371-7716.

*This service is free to our members as long as you make at least one (1) payment each month. A fee of $9.95 for each month of non-use. Some restrictions apply. Alimony, court, and certain government payments may not be made using the online bill pay service.

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