6 Must-Have Supplies Every LEO Recruit Needs

So, you’ve just finished up at the police academy, and you’re getting ready to begin your first day as a Colorado law enforcement officer. While there are several items on your checklist to get ready, buying your gear is one of the most crucial steps for preparing to go out on the job.

While everyone has a different situation, here are the top 6 things every LEO should have ready-to-go for their first day.

Primary Duty Weapon: Preferably, this should be cleaned and loaded with proper, operable ammunition.

Body Armor: Most police departments require their law enforcement officers to wear some sort of body armor. While there is no such thing as bulletproof armor per se, many police departments recommend ballistic-resistant body armor, which can protect against many types of handgun and rifle ammunition.

Flashlight (and a backup): You’d be surprised how often a flashlight comes in handy on the job. Always make sure you have a charged flashlight on your equipment belt. Speaking of…

Equipment Belt: Every officer needs a durable equipment belt to hold their firearm, radio, handcuffs, and other necessary equipment.

Comfortable Boots and Footwear: Whether it’s standing for long periods of time or springing into pursuit, you’ll be on your feet quite a lot! Make sure to have durable, comfortable boots so you can feel supported in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Uniform and badge: While these speak for themselves, it’s worth noting! Have your uniform and badge cleaned and ready, especially for your first day.

The above are just the essentials! We recommend asking your police department for an equipment list so you can know exactly what you’ll need. However, we do understand it can be a bit pricy to finance all the supplies you need all on your own. If you’re in need of a bit of financial support to make sure you have all of the supplies you need to serve and protect, rest assured that RMLEFCU’s Recruit Loan can give you a hand. This loan enables recruits, like yourself, to borrow up to $2,000 to finance your supplies, equipment, firearms, and even relocation costs! In addition, you’ll have 24 months to pay it off (and a low rate of only 1.99% APR*).

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