6 Signs You Are Overextended Financially

Are you starting to avoid picking up the mail because it’s filled with bills? Does it seem like you are entering onto a financial treadmill where your savings and retirement accounts aren’t growing? Or worse, are they falling? We have assembled 6 signs that you are becoming overextended. If you recognize yourself in any of these, it’s time to have a financial sit down with an expert at RMLEFCU before its too late.


You know your CVV number by heart. And you’d better because it has been worn off due to using your credit or debit card so much.


You are charging more on your credit card than you are paying off each month. It’s just like a diet, in order to shake that debt, you have to remember less in, more out!


You are adept at hitting silence on your cell phone when certain numbers call. You are unable to pay your bills and if you do manage to pay them, you’re late and incurring extra fines, or just paying what you can.


Your retirement account is so emaciated, it’s on life support. That day will come and if you’re not s-a-v-i-n-g, plan on w-o-r-k-i-n-g, for a really, really long time.


You were never convinced that “too good to be true” is a mantra that applies to you. You’ve bought furniture or even cars with 0% financing and then found a lump in your throat when interest rates kicked in.


You nod and provide your social security number whenever a sales associate asks if you’d like to open up a credit card to take advantage of a store promotion. It’s great to have lines of credit open, but it can also be a recipe for disaster when you run out of money in your bank account and start pulling out the plastic.

Or worse, you signed up for an adjustable rate mortgage and are later feel the pain of a higher interest rate.

If any of these sound familiar, ACT NOW and schedule a free consultation meeting with Debby Wilson, a Certified Financial Planner by phone at 720-855-4128 or email deborah.wilson@lpl.comClick here to learn more about Financial Planning at RMLEFCU.

RMLEFCU also provides overdraft protection to avoid the pain of extra fees or denials.