International Credit Union Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know

International Credit Union Day celebrates the spirit of the global credit union movement. It’s a day to think about the history of credit unions as well as promote their achievements, recognize hard work, and share member experiences.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the incredible work that credit unions and other financial cooperatives are doing worldwide and to get members excited and engaged about being a part of such a tremendous team.

This year, the theme is “building financial health for a brighter tomorrow”. These past few years have been tough for everyone– it’s important that we all remember to lift each other up and share as much knowledge as we can in regards to cementing a positive, profitable, and secure financial future.

What is RMLEFCU Doing This Year for ICU Day?

All of us here at RMLEFCU want to encourage each and every one of our members to take control of their finances. To expand upon ICU’s theme for this year, we’re doing a few fun things:

Win a Gift Card When You Share A SavvyTip!

This year, we are holding a special social media competition where you get the chance to win a gift card!

On Monday, October 18th, we posted a “Share a Savvy Tip” post on our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. We want to set up all of our members for financial security and success—so we thought, what better way to do so then share our savviest financial tips with each other?

Head on over to the social media platform of your choice, scroll to find the post (depicted below), and share the financial tip that changed your financial future for the better.*

International Credit Union Day Competition Post 2021

Don’t wait! The deadline to share your Savvy Tip is 5PM MT on October 21st. The winner will be selected and announced the next day.

RMLEFCU International Credit Union Day Celebration

Stop by any RMLEFCU branch on October 21st for RMLEFCU swag and treats to celebrate International Credit Union Day. Financial health is financial wealth, and our RMLEFCU family deserves the best of the best. Let’s lend each other a helping hand to celebrate this incredible day! We can’t wait to see you there.

How Can I Learn More?

If you’d like to discover more about International Credit Union Day, please visit this link. If you’d like to learn a bit more about RMLEFCU’s social media competition or our ICU Day festivities, please do not hesitate to reach out at 303.458.6660.

*Please note that members and potential members are only allowed to submit ONE comment on ONE RMLEFCU social media page.