Introducing DeposZip Mobile!

You can do just about anything on your smartphone these days. Order dinner. Keep track of your health. Maybe you’ve even used it to learn a new language! (Good for you!) Well RMLEFCU is adding one more convenience to your smartphone: check deposit!

Everybody loves receiving money. There’s hardly any downside to that, other than possibly receiving it in the form of a check and then having to find a time to make it to the bank during business hours. Even worse is receiving a check in a location where you don’t have access to your bank. How long should you be forced to wait until you can turn that flimsy little sheet of paper into cold, hard cash – or better yet, a deposit into your bank account? Well the wait is over!

Introducing DeposZip Mobile, the fastest, most convenient way to deposit your checks! A completely free, safe and secure way to deposit your checks using only a device with a camera and a way to connect to the internet. Take less than five minutes to deposit your check anytime, anywhere, and the funds will be credited in just one business day. Registration is simple and only needs to be done once!

How to Get Started:


Log in to your RMLEFCU account through the mobile app on your smart device.


Select ‘DeposZip’ from the main menu.


Choose an account to deposit into.


Read and accept User Agreement.

Your registration request will be processed within one business day and an email will be sent to you once your registration is complete.

After you are registered, it’s a simple process to deposit the checks, outlined in this 8-step process:


Endorse the check. On the back of the check write, “For Deposit Only in RMLEFCU, by (write your name as it appears on the payee line on the front of the check), Account # (insert the account number where you want it deposited), and your Signature.”


Log on to the Mobile Banking site and select “DeposZip” from the menu on the top.


Select “Continue” (if using DeposZip for the first time, select Register.)


Choose the account you would like the check to be deposited to.


Enter the total dollar amount of the check(s) you would like to deposit.


Take a photo of the front and back using your smartphone.


Click “Continue” or “Next” to the Deposit Review step. An email will be sent to you once your deposit has been processed. After you receive that email (usually within 48 hours) you must write PROCESSED via DeposZip on the front of the check.


Please store your deposited items in a safe place and destroy the check after a 60-day period.

Although everyone here at RMLEFCU will surely miss you, we understand that finding time to run to the bank can be difficult, which is why we’re so excited to offer this convenience to you. If you have any questions regarding DeposZip Mobile, feel free to contact us at any time. Enjoy all the time you’ve saved, and do something fun with that check Grandma gave you!