Is Kasasa Right for You?

Kasasa is a free checking account that rewards you every month for doing easy tasks that you may already do on a regular basis. These banking basics actually save you time and will also give you rewards! These simple things might be signing up for e-statements over paper statements or using your debit card at checkout.

RMLEFCU provides two types of free Kasasa check accounts: Kasasa Cash Back and Kasasa Cash. Find out below which one of them is correct for you!

Kasasa Cash Back

Perhaps the biggest reward is more money on your bank account. Kasasa Cash Back accounts are giving you just that.

RMLEFCU is here to reward you for the use on your debit card the way you would with your credit cards! When you buy using a debit card and perform other easy banking basics, you get paid in back in cash.

Every time you swipe, it’s going to help your bottom line. Also, there’s no irritating point or category constraints to keep track of just swipe around and get rewarded. 

Kasasa Cash

We can all agree that banking, as we know it, needs to change. Kasasa Cash has a whole new way to look at your checking account.

Kasasa Cash is another free checking account that pays a huge interest in cash every month.

If you want some extra cash in your pocket to make life a little easier, treat yourself to something special, or just watch cash grow, this is the right account choice for you.

Who Doesn’t Like Extra Cash?

Extra cash is not all what the Kasasa accounts are good for. All Kasasa checking accounts also include these perks:

All accounts are free with no fees

The accounts have no minimum balance required to earn the rewards

ATM fees will be refunded

You probably don’t need an extra reason to spend your money, but Kasasa’s accounts make it a little easier to feel good about making the purchases that count! If you have any questions, please call us at (303) 458-6660 or visit us at the branch office.