Keep An Eye Out for COVID-19 Phishing

It’s no surprise that when there is a crisis, there are bad guys quick to swoop in and take advantage of a concerned public. COVID-19 scammers are on the prowl — so warn loved ones to be alert while on their phones and online. Phishing is already being reported: criminals disguised as charities seeking donations to help those in need.

Scammers and fraudsters are scrounging for card numbers, account numbers, and online banking information by communicating using text, phone, and email. In other words, little numbers that spell big disaster for the unsuspecting. Be scrupulous with your financial data and remember you, yourself may be savvy enough to spot these scams, but others are more susceptible, particularly the very young and the very old.

Remind them, as you remind yourself:

Never respond to or open any COVID-19 related emails or email links requesting financial or private information, unless you can confirm you know the individual who initiated the request.

Be vigilant and wary of opening an email or email link of any kind if it is from an unrecognized sender. Emphasize to elders in your family that watching out for bad guys does not make you a bad samaritan.

Never provide information when requested. Scammers succeed because their approach looks legitimate.

RMLEFCU will never call and ask for personal data. NO FINANCIAL INSTITUTION will do that.

If a caller claims to be your healthcare provider asking for financial assistance to combat COVID-19, do not take it on face value. Hang up and call your provider’s office number and they will confirm it.

Stay educated and alert by following news reports on phishing during this critical time. Take measures to protect the financial health of those around you, even as you protect their personal health. Ongoing education and awareness are key to keep the fraudsters away from you and your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 303-458-6660 or email us at We want to keep you and your bank account safe.