Make the Most of Your Money with This Checking Account

At RMLEFCU, we pride ourselves on offering our members the best of the best service offerings so they can reach their financial goals with ease. From checking accounts to savings accounts, we’ve got a ton of resources and financial tools you can use to propel yourself closer and closer towards financial wellness.

When it comes to checking accounts, there are several we offer to our members. If you’re looking for a checking account that rewards you for your hard-earned money, rest assured that we’ve got just the thing for you: Kasasa Cash Back Checking. With Kasasa Cash Back Checking, you get more than just a checking account – you get cashback rewards, no monthly service fees and features that are designed to make banking easier than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this checking account so special.

High-Yield Interest Rate

Kasasa Cash Back Checking offers a high yield interest rate on your deposit balance. This means that your money will earn more when it is deposited in this account than with other traditional checking accounts. Plus, the interest rate increases as your balance grows! So, the more money you have deposited in your account, the higher yield interest rate you will receive.

No Monthly Service Fees

Another great perk to this checking account? Kasasa Cash Back Checking also has no monthly service fees. This means that there are no extra charges each month for having an account with Kasasa Cash Back Checking – so no need to worry about hidden costs or extra fees. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of having this checking account without worrying about any additional costs associated with it. 

Cashback Rewards

One of the best perks of having this checking account is its cashback rewards feature. Every time you use your debit card to make purchases, a small percentage of those purchases will be automatically credited back into your Kasasa cash back checking account! That’s free money just for doing what you would normally do! You can easily track how much cashback reward points you have earned through their website or mobile app. It’s an easy way to get rewarded for using your debit card!

RMLEFCU is Looking Out for You

If you’re looking for a checking account that is both convenient and rewarding, then Kasasa Cash Back Checking is definitely worth considering. With its high yield interest rate on deposits, no monthly service fees and cashback rewards, this checking account offers great value and flexibility to members looking to make the most of their money. Speak with one of our Certified Financial Counselors today for more details.