Online Banking During COVID-19

Online banking has become more popular, as contact between employees and customers has been restricted due to COVID-19. It helps you to monitor your bank account using a computer or mobile device over the internet. You don’t have to visit a branch at your financial institution and, when it’s most convenient for you, you can do all of your banking activities, even during non-regular banking hours.

Banking Activities You Can Do Online

RMLEFCU offers our members a free, safe, and easy-to-use digital service. With internet access, you can handle a variety of banking activities at any time, anywhere. Online banking is safer, faster, and more convenient than coming into a branch.

Digital Banking

You can open checking and savings accounts easily without the hassle of printing or signing anything physically through digital banking. In the past, during business hours, you had to visit a personal banker. With the capability to sign electronically, the whole process can now take less than 10 minutes.

Bill Pay

Rather than writing checks to pay bills each month, you can easily use the online bill payment system to pay one-time or recurring bills. Payments are credited easier and you will get a confirmation email. This electronic method saves you both time and effort.

Deposit Checks

With mobile check deposit, the fastest and easiest option is to use DeposZip. Snap a photo of the check through the mobile app and submit it for payment. There is no need to send the check by mail or go into the bank. It is free, secure, and easy to use. Save yourself some time and use this convenient mobile banking feature!


Need to see if you cleared that check or how much your employer paid you? Transactions can be viewed easily, past statements can be downloaded, and specific transactions searched. eStatements reduce the chances of fraud and identity theft because the paper trail is eliminated.

Online Banking Security

Online banking is in many ways more efficient than conventional banking. The fact that you have your paycheck deposited directly into your bank account eliminates the risk of someone stealing your check from the mail. Plus, no one can copy your account information from checks you send to billers because bank computers securely send that information back and forth without storing it. To provide you an extra sense of security, RMLEFCU also offers fraud alerts for your accounts.

It’s relatively easy to keep safe while banking online. Keep up to date your computer, and other devices with current operating systems, antivirus software, and firewalls. Use complex passwords, and never write them down. Finally, never respond to emails, phone calls, or text messages that ask you to provide important information about your account. If you have any questions about mobile banking with RMLEFCU, call us at 303-458-6660!