Recap: The 2022 UCIA and OASA Awards

This year, RMLEFCU presented the fifth annual Unparalleled Community Impact Awards (UCIA Awards) to honor law enforcement officers who demonstrate consistent outstanding community service. In addition, we also presented some incredible LEOs with Outstanding Act of Service Awards (OASA Awards), which are meant to honor individuals who have displayed a recent act of outstanding service.

“We created these annual awards because we are continually impressed and thankful for the exceptional community service of our local law enforcement officers,” said Cary Karcher, Business Development Manager and Vice President at RMLEFCU. “We value our members and their noble professions and would like to acknowledge the great community we serve.”

Read on to learn more about the winners of this year’s UCIA and OASA awards.

The Denver Police Department

Officer Mike Borquez

Officer Borquez has been a Denver Police Officer for 23 years and has been a District 3 Community Resource Officer for 6 years. While he is an incredible, reliable, and committed member of the Denver Police Department, he is also a dedicated and active volunteer and host of the Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness training for residents of District 3. Every month, he hosts a class that instructs residents of District 3 what suspicious behavior looks like, how to recognize it, and what information 911 call takers need to take appropriate action. These classes are not only a crucial part of bridging the relationship between the police department and the community but are a crucial part of keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Nominating colleague, Sgt Jennifer Guigli, said it best: “He [Officer Borquez] has been an instrumental part in implementing the Neighborhood Watch program in District 3, which is by far the most successful Neighborhood Watch Program in the City of Denver. Without Officer Borquez’s commitment and enthusiasm towards the program, it would not be the success it is today.”

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

Investigator Jamie Wright

An Outstanding Act of Service award was given to Investigator Jamie Wright for his incredible work in the investigation of the death of a young woman who passed away during an elective surgery gone horribly wrong.

“Since 2019, Investigator Wright spent countless hours working to bring justice to the victim and her family.” said Captain Travis Steward of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Investigator Wright’s efforts resulted in the filing of charges for first degree assault and criminally negligent homicide against the doctor as well as manslaughter against the anesthetist.

Deputy Nicholas Collins and Deputy Zachary Newell

Another Outstanding Act of Service award was given to both Deputy Nicholas Collins and Deputy Zachary Newell for their heroic efforts during an RV fire. Upon arriving at the scene, Newell was able to rescue two dogs by extracting them from the windows of the RV while Deputy Collins forced entry into the RV and rescued three dogs from inside the mobile home.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Vance Fleet receiving his award.

Deputy Vance Fleet

An Unparalleled Community Impact Award was awarded to Deputy Vance Fleet. Deputy Fleet dedicated twenty-one years of honorable service to the citizens of Douglas County. He served Douglas County as a D.A.R.E. officer for several years and then proceeded to step into the role of a School Resource Officer assigned to Mountain Vista High School and Mountain Ridge Middle School. Then, he decided to channel his passion for helping younger children as an elementary school zone SRO. His infectious sense of humor, positive energy, and commitment to his community are just a few things that make him so beloved by children, staff, and fellow officers in the Douglas County community.

When you walked into a school where Deputy Vance served, you could hear kids and staff members ask, “Where is Deputy Vance?” and kids respond sarcastically, “you’re not Deputy Vance!”. When he wasn’t in school hallways, you would most likely find him on the playground talking to kids about bicycle safety or just playing a game.

Deputy Vance recently retired in May of 2022. He has been a role model of humbleness, hard work, and dedication in our community, and he will be dearly missed.

Corporal Cesar “Ces” Madrigal

Another Unparalleled Community Impact Award was given to Corporal Cesar “Ces” Madrigal. Ces honorably served as a US Marine and as a Bomb Squad Technician, Task Force Officer, Patrol Officer, and Detentions Officer. Currently, Ces works as one of Douglas County’s Investigations Training Officers in the Auto Theft Unit. Corporal Madrigal is fiercely passionate about what he does and is committed to passing on his craft to the next generation of police officers. He is consistently open and willing to help every member of the department who asks him for it, and handles each case with precision, skill, and compassion.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock said the following of Corporal Madrigal’s work: “Recently, Ces has been working on a case where hundreds of pieces of jewelry were stolen from residents of an assisted living facility by a staff member. Ces has worked with over fifty victims to help them recover their stolen items[…]while assisting him on this case, I have personally watched Ces sit with a victim and have a cup of coffee while he discusses the case with them. It would be easy for him to rush through each victim due to the sheer volume of victims at hand, but Ces has treated every victim with dignity and respect, making each one of them feel valued in this difficult process.”