22 Apr

Avoiding ATM Fees Just Got Easier

Man at ATM with phone withdrawing money.

Everyone wants to avoid fees as much as possible, and one of the worst fees to get from your bank are ATM fees. You have to pay to get your money out? That doesn’t sound right…

Thankfully there are credit unions like RMLEFCU that have a partnership with the MoneyPass ATM network to get you access to tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. But if you need some cash and you’re not a member of RMLEFCU, here are some ways you can avoid ATM fees.

Grocery Store Cash Back

If you need some cash and you’re not near any one of your bank’s ATMs, you can always make a small purchase with your debit card at a grocery store and select the cash back option. These are usually no-fee cash back options that generally are not available with credit cards.

Making a small purchase, like water or gum, is usually cheaper than the ATM fees itself and you’ll use what you buy sooner or later!

Get Reimbursed for ATM Fees

If your ATM fees combined with the fees your bank charges are hurting your wallet, it might be time to consider a new bank. Some banks offer reimbursements or refunds to ATM fees, either an unlimited amount or up to a certain total per month. This is a great option for those who don’t use cash often and don’t want to go out of their way to a specific ATM when cash is needed. Note: RMLEFCU’s Kasasa checking accounts will refund your ATM withdrawal fees nationwide.*

Use A Bank-Owned ATM

The easiest way to avoid ATM fees is to only withdraw from ATMs in your bank’s network. Although sometimes inconvenient, large brick-and-mortar banks charge you big fees on top of the ATM fees. To make it a little easier, these banks sometimes have apps to find the nearest in-network ATM.

Thankfully RMLEFCU is a part of the MoneyPass network which allows members to easily find an ATM virtually and make surcharge-free withdrawals at tens of thousands of ATMs nationwide. On top of that great perk, RMLEFCU’s Kasasa checking accounts will reimburse ATM withdrawal fees!

If you have any more questions or would like to open a Kasasa checking account with RMELFCU, visit our website at www.rmlefcu.org or give us a call at (303) 458-6660.


*View account pages to learn more.