02 Jul

Transfer Your Credit Card Balance and Get Out of Debt

Credit Card debt is like chasing your tail. Credit card debt can really feel like you are chasing your tail. Interest builds and builds making it hard to keep up with payments. There are a hundred reasons why someone has managed to accumulate a large balance on a credit card. Whatever the reasons are behind the issue matter less than our plan to help fix your situation. Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union wants to help our members by offering a credit card balance transfer** with 0% APR for 6 months and then a low 12.25% APR* after that! There are no fees, zero fraud liability, and credit limits up to $20,000. Our RMLEFCU Visa Platinum Card offers great rewards for merchandise, travel, and even cash back.***

Use this opportunity to get out of debt and/or save some money. Here is some information on balance transfers to help you understand and prepare for transferring your credit card balance to a RMLEFCU Visa.

What is a balance transfer? A balance transfer is when you use a credit card to pay off the balance of another credit card. This moves the debt from one credit card to another. Read More