06 Mar

College Selection: Part 1: It’s all relatively social

This post is not just for 18-year-olds faced with what the next 2-5 years will hold. It is for anyone who is considering college to advance their career, switch gears, and go a completely different direction. Or for parents of said 18-year-olds who need to convince their offspring that selecting a college is their first major life decision deserving of careful consideration.

There is a three pronged approach you can follow. If you work through all three areas, you’ll cover the most crucial aspects of the college experience. In this first blog post, we’ll cover all things social that are involved in selecting a college. Subsequent blog posts will address financial and academic considerations. Let’s begin!



Are you picking a college based on what you’ve heard from other people? This approach is appropriate when selecting a restaurant on any given weeknight, but to trust the anecdotal evidence of friends or acquaintances concerning where you will spend an inordinate amount of time, effort, and money – it does not bode well.

For the high school seniors. The college is in an exciting city. I hate to tell you but this is not a Woody Allen movie with you in the starring role. You left for college to get an education and a degree – not to be an unpaid arts and events blogger. While its beneficial to have culture nearby, you need to plan the majority of your time around your studies.

‘So and so is going there.’ As much as you value your high school friendships and relationships, selecting a college is a deeply personal decision that only YOU can make. You may think people don’t change but when it comes to who you were at 18 versus who you are as a college senior, there will be a shift in what is important to you and who is important to you.

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