What Is Kasasa and Why Do You Need It?

If you’ve been around RMLEFCU, you’ve most likely heard of our Kasasa accounts, but what exactly are they? Yes, they’ll get you cash back, but having a Kasasa account is more than just really great rewards for customers. Read on to see what else you can get with your Kasasa account and see if you’d like to sign up for one today with RMLEFCU!

Kasasa accounts are free checking accounts that reward you each month for doing things you probably already do. If you already do modern banking basics like choosing e-statements over paper statements or using your debit card instead of checks, you’re on your way to earning rewards!

Depending on what type of Kasasa account you choose, you can either get paid extremely high rates (way above the national average!), cash back on debit card purchases, or even refunds on your iTunes and Amazon purchases! How you get rewarded is up to you. And on top of these rewards, you can also get refunds on thousands of applicable ATM fees, nationwide.

Kasasa is more than just a rewards checking account, it’s a checking account you can feel good about. Since Kasasa handpicks the institutions they offer accounts with, you’ll never find a Kasasa account at some big bank. Kasasa believes in local community banks and credit unions, and RMLEFCU is proud to have been chosen to provide two Kasasa accounts to choose from.

Now we’ve been saying Kasasa a lot, but what does that word actually mean? Nothing – it’s simply a made-up word. Since this account treats users differently, Kasasa was made up to represent its uniqueness. From the extra money you see in your account at the end of each month or freedom from monthly service fees, there’s always a reason to choose Kasasa.

Here at RMLEFCU, we have two different Kasasa checking accounts; Kasasa Cash Checking and Kasasa Cash Back. The rewards differ on each account, so speak with a teller at RMLEFCU to see which one would benefit you the most. Here are the benefits for each account:

Kasasa Cash Back Checking

2.00% cash back on debit card purchases

Earn up to $72 cash back per year, $6 per month

Cash back earned on up to $300 in purchases monthly

No category restrictions on purchases

Kasasa Cash Checking

Free checking that pays high dividends

2.00% APY* on balances up to $10,000

2.00% to 0.41% APY on balances over $10,000 depending on balance in account*

0.05% APY* if qualifications aren’t met

While both accounts offer unique benefits, they both come standard with:

Refunds on ATM withdrawal fees nationwide

No monthly maintenance fees

No minimum balance to earn rewards

Kasasa Protect for comprehensive fraud protection

Free digital banking

The monthly qualifications needed to earn extra rewards are:

At least 1 direct deposit or ACH payment of $500 or more

12 debit card purchases

E-statement enrollment

Sounds easy enough, right? And don’t worry, if you don’t meet these qualifications, your account is still free, and you’ll earn cash rewards on the next cycle you qualify for!

If you want to set up an account today, head over to RMLEFCU’s websitevisit one of our branches, or call today at (303) 458-6660 to open one in a few minutes!